HTC Group’s Marcus Kemp Awarded DAF International Dealer Salesman Of The Year 2019​​

Noted for his drive, energy and enthusiasm; his world appearing to have 25 hours in every day and 8 working days in each week during which he uses all DAF systems to great effect and utilizes his strong network, Marcus Kemp was voted DAF UK Dealer Salesman of 2019. This meant that he was asked to join winners from all across Europe at the DAF head office in Eindhoven where he was awarded the 2019 International Dealer Salesman of the year.

In order to identify the winner DAF looked at every ingredient in the sales business. First the total volume contribution, secondly they looked at the performance selling the range (XF, CF and LF), they looked at the percentage of conquest business and at the share of Multi Support contracts and PACCAR Finance contracts. The winner hit the top marks in every single category and beyond the sales volume acts as a perfect ambassador for the DAF brand.

Because he maintained strong relationships with customers and colleagues achieving synergy through clear communication, flexible working and focusing on exceeding customer expectations, adding value to their businesses where at all possible. Marcus closed many orders (900) and ensured that DAF support was maintained in all areas, ensuring successful truck supply and therefore building loyalty for future opportunities.

From all at HTC Group, huge congratulations Marcus on a well-deserved award.