Argos takes delivery of the UK’s first dedicated Euro 6 gas-powered Scania tractor units

The UK’s first dedicated Euro 6 gas-powered Scania tractor unit has now entered service with leading UK digital retailer, Argos, with four more being commissioned later this month.

In addition to meeting the Euro 6 exhaust emissions standard when operated on biomethane carbon dioxide, reductions of up to 70 per cent can be achieved. The vehicles are also extremely quiet, meaning they are particularly suitable for use in rural areas.

David Landy, Argos Fleet Manager, said: “The ultra-low emissions and environmental benefits of these trucks makes them an extremely attractive proposition.

“The trucks are a unique manufacturer’s offer, opposed to an aftermarket adaption, which made our purchasing decision easy. The research and development process Scania has undertaken in the product, along with a ten year duty-differential promise from the government, gives us a great deal of confidence in gas powered operation.

“The final part of the equation is the growing gas filling station infrastructure. These trucks will be based at our Magna Park, Lutterworth distribution centre, just a few miles from the Gasrec refuelling station at the DIRFT in Daventry. With an expected range of up to 450 kilometres, the vehicles will run initially on daily return-to-base operations, but in the future this could change as the UK gas refuelling infrastructure continues to develop and grow.”

Plated at 40-tonnes gross train weight, each vehicle will be equipped with Scania’s OC09 102, nine-litre, Euro 6 engine. Delivering 340hp (250kW) at 1,900 rpm and 1,600Nm of torque between 1,100 and 1,400 rpm, this engine is designed to operate solely on gas (compressed or liquified) and offers a high thermal efficiency of 40 percent.

Martin Hay, UK Truck Sales Director for Scania (Great Britain) Limited comments, “We are delighted that Argos has become the first UK operator to put our dedicated gas-powered trucks into operation. Today, there are approaching 4,000 gas-powered Scania vehicles in service around the world. This, together with an ever-developing fuel-supply infrastructure, represents a major step forward in terms of combating emissions of greenhouse gas.”

The introduction into service of these vehicles also represents a major milestone in a project created by Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board) to assess the benefits of gas to the UK haulage industry.

“A key aim of the project has been to introduce gas-powered vehicles into service at Magna Park in the run-up to a publicly-accessible gas refuelling station scheduled to open on site later this year,” says John Baldwin, Managing Director of CNG Services, which leads the project in collaboration with Gasrec, Argos, DHL Supply Chain, Culina Logistics and Eddie Stobart.

“In our view, the introduction of Argos’s new gas-powered Scania trucks will be transformational in terms of carbon dioxide emissions and their impact upon air quality in the coming years.”

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2014: Another strong year for Scania in the UK

Scania, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in the UK in 2014, has reported another strong year with a total of 4,752 trucks registered over the past 12 months. Of these, approximately 80 percent were Euro 6 models. In addition, a total of 301 buses and coaches were registered in a year which also saw Scania’s overall service sales increase significantly. Sales of Scania engines amounted to 771 units, of which 405 were for generator sets, 325 for industrial application and 41 marine.

“Our truck registrations represent 17.3 percent of the UK 18-tonnes-and-above market, while our bus and coach performance gives us an overall share of 9.7 percent of the passenger carrying market,” comments Scania (Great Britain) Limited Managing Director, Claes Jacobsson.  “Regarding the uptake of Euro 6, operators have been quick to embrace our new, fuel-efficient technology.  Their purchasing  decisions have been supported by many independently-conducted press tests, which have seen our SCR-only 410 and 450 Euro 6 engines break fuel economy records throughout Europe.

“In other areas, as more and more operators progressively turn to Scania for all-encompassing transport solutions, our sales of parts and services, including trailer/tanker support and tail-lift and refrigerator maintenance, all continue to develop positively.

“During 2014 we also further developed our portfolio of operator support services, where products such as Optimise, our driver training and on-going driver coaching service, enable our customers to ensure the derive the best-possible economy and, hence, maximum return on their investment in Scania.  Our sales of used vehicles and Scania Truck Rental also continued to perform well, making 2014 an all-round positive success for Scania in the UK.”

Particular highlights from the 2014 registration figures include:

8×4 rigids: Scania leads the market with a share of 25.9 percent overall.  Within this sector, Scania holds a market-topping 31.5 percent share of the tipper segment.

Tractor units:  Scania’s strong presence within the UK tractor unit market was sustained during 2014 with shares of 18.1 percent and 19.3 percent recorded for the two- and three-axle sectors respectively.

Passenger carrying vehicles: Scania’s share of the combined UK bus and coach market increased from 8.3 percent in 2013 to 9.7 percent in 2014.


All Scania fleet for Beesons of Crewe

A stunning new P280 6×2 rear steer Livestock Transporter joins an all Scania fleet at Beesons of Crewe in Cheshire. Reliability, performance and excellent service from West Pennine Trucks’ Stoke depot secured the deal with Beesons.

Beesons is a second generation family business. Established in 1965 supplying Beef to butchers and processors throughout the UK and more recently Europe.

They also provide the farmers of Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and North Wales, with the most welfare friendly way possible of selling cattle, with unnecessary transport and handling kept to a minimum.


Scania celebrates 50 years in the UK

Scania celebrates 50 years in the UK: Company milestones

Scania is celebrating its UK golden anniversary this year. The following is a list of milestones over the organisation’s first 50 years.

1964 Scania Vabis (Great Britain) Limited formed, initially to sell engines. First office was near Heathrow Airport
1965 Engine sales of around 20 units recorded
1966 First truck (LB76 model) imported and used as demonstrator
1967 Inital batch of trucks imported. First three distributors announced: WWS Commercials of Hemel Hempstead, B&W Motors of Wolverhampton and Reliable Vehicles (Scotland) of Renfrew
1968 Scania 0-series (LB80, LB110) launched
1969 Scania V8 (LB140) launched
1973 Company renamed Scania (Great Britain) Limited. First UK Scania buses enter service
1978 Scania 1-series (LB81, LB111, LB141) launched
1980 Scania GPRT range (2-series) launched. 30th dealer point opens
1981 Company headquarters relocated to Milton Keynes
1984 National parts distribution centre opens in Milton Keynes
1986 Scania achieves truck market share of ten percent for first time
1988 Scania 3-series launched
1989 Scania 3-series named International Truck of the Year
1991 Scania’s centenary year – UK marks this with the limited edition Centurion range
1993 The long-standing cooperation with coachbuilder Irizar begins
1994 Scania network growth plans state no customer to be more than 30 minutes away from Scania service centre
1995 Scania 4-series launched
1996 Scania 4-series named International Truck of the Year
1997 Scania 4-series named Motor Transport Fleet Truck of the Year
2000 Scania 4-series is again Motor Transport Fleet Truck of the Year
2004 Scania PRT range launched (now PGR range)
2005 Scania R-series named International Truck of the Year
2010 Scania R-series again named International Truck of the Year
2011 Scania engines adopted by Royal National Lifeboat Institution
2013 Scania Streamline launched. First Scania gas-powered buses enter service
2014 Scania celebrates 50 years in the UK. Limited Edition Golden Griffin launched


Scania field test record in low consumption

“There will be increased fuel consumption with Euro 6 technology” – so predicted many prophets of doom in the industry a few years ago when the new stringent emissions regulations were coming into being.

Today we have hindsight, and the reality was different. For example, Scania’s new inline-six, 13-liter and 410 horsepower engine set new fuel records on two well-established test routes in the hands of German and French trade journalists.

A record in fuel consumption

Never before has a 40-tonne Euro-combination (tractor and trailer) covered the demanding test route north of Munich – which is used by “Verkehrsrundschau”, among others – with a truly low fuel consumption of 23.29 litres/100 km. And mind you – it’s not a record for a Euro-6 truck; this consumption is the lowest that has been measured for any emission standard. The difference from the previous record holder was about a decilitre of diesel per 10 kilometres.

What does that mean in money, some people may wonder? For a typical European long-haulage truck, which usually covers some 120 000 km a year, this means that it saves 1.2 cubic metres of diesel every year. Calculated on the price of diesel in the first quarter at the pump in Sweden, which oscillates at around 14 crowns per litre, a driver can save SEK 16,800 (about 1,890 Euros) a year just by choosing a Scania! And imagine what the difference would be compared with any truck a few years old – which probably is not any previous record holder…

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