More steel for AJN

Over the years Kentford (Newmarket) based steel stockholders AJN Steelstock has been happy with its fleet of Montracon trailers. In fact, over the period it has also worked with Montracon to continually fine-tune the specification of its trailers to meet operating requirements more precisely. Not surprisingly, therefore, when the company opened a major new depot in Somerset, to more than double its sales capacity to 150,000tonnes overall, it turned to Montracon to supply trailers to be based from there.

Fifteen flat platform trailers, including two that extend up to 20m, are destined to complement the Kentford operation by moving a wide range of steel and specialist machined/drilled/cut steel products from Somerset to civil engineering and construction sites up the eastern side of the country.

Delivery of the 2015 intake brings the AJN trailer fleet to 30 units, with all but one bearing the Montracon badge.
As transport manager Michael O’Brian will tell you that if Montracon and its trailers continue to perform as well as they do, it makes sense for AJN to stick with them.

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