Pulp Fiction Movie Masterpiece on Cover of Trucking

As Samuel L Jackson may have said: “Bless is he who, in the name of fuel economy and good comfort, shepherds the freight through the valley of darkness…”

Pulp Fiction. This 1994 masterpiece by Quentin Tarantino is one of the most memorable, and quotable films of all time. And it’s a great idea for a theme if you fancy an airbrushed truck to celebrate 20 years in business; which is precisely what Barrie Smith, boss of In-Transit has done.

Barrie had been very impressed by the MP4 Actros in terms of reliability and fuel economy, plus the drivers like them too. So this time, he opted for the biggest cab – the GigaSpace – and the highest power output from the 12.76-litre OM471 engine at 510 bhp.

It features memory foam mattress, fridge freezer, air horns and alloy wheels as part of the standard specification too. Employed mainly on low-loader work – a recent addition to the In-Transit portfolio, and again evidence of a willingness to diversify – the Actros hauls machines and equipment all over the country.
The full story can be read in the Summer 2015 issue of Trucking, pages 38 – 43

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