Paralympic double gold medalist

Paralympic double gold medalist arrives in style in luxury Whittaker horsebox and proves new DAF can be tailored to any need

Luxury horsebox conversion shows versatility of DAF LF Bespoke design by Whittakers Coachbuilders for Natasha Baker MBE – Paralympic dressage rider and double Paralympic and European gold medallist
The DAF LF can be tailored to meet the needs of any industries, but one of its latest and more luxurious conversions is a bespoke Whittaker horsebox for Paralympic dressage rider and double Paralympic and European gold medallist Natasha Baker MBE.

The impressive Whittaker horsebox is based on a DAF LF 18t and has already transporting Natasha and up to four horses to equestrian dressage competitions in Gloucestershire, Yorkshire and Sussex, with trips to Belgium and France planned for next year. It also provides plush accommodation for Natasha and her team during events, and comfortable travelling accommodation for the horses, with fans to keep them cool and padded partitions to ensure they travel safely.

‘Daphne’, as Natasha calls the horsebox, has a bespoke design to suit her needs, such as an outside locker to accommodate her mobility scooter and several interior modifications to assist her when staying in the vehicle. It also has an appropriate number plate: NB14 GBR.

The individual conversion is based on the flagship Legend horsebox from Whittakers Coachbuilders with a high specification including luxury fitted bathroom, slide-out side extension to maximise the living and socialising space, air conditioning, underfloor heating and an integrated monitoring system for the horse’s living area.
Commenting on her new vehicle, Natasha Baker MBE said: “Having this amazing horsebox will make a huge difference when I am competing as it helps me go about my every day routine with the confidence I need to perform at the top of my sport.”

“It’s extremely comfortable to travel in, the horses travel amazingly well in it and eagerly run up the ramp when they know they’re going out, and my Dad says it’s great to drive. The quality of the interior and fittings for us and the horses are absolutely amazing,” she continued.

The horsebox is also environmentally friendly as possible with the latest and most efficient PACCAR engines with Euro 6 compliant emissions.

Phil Moon, Marketing Manager at DAF UK said: “I think this is one of the most beautiful, unusual and definitely the most luxurious conversions of a DAF LF I’ve ever seen. It’s also a lovely demonstration of how versatile the new LF is for coachbuilders thanks to its new, completely flat chassis and electrical system.

With its generous payload, efficient engines and cleaner emissions, this proves the new LF is perfect as anything from a modern distribution truck to a horsebox.”