New Managing Director for Montracon Ltd

Ballyvesey Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mark Rooney as Managing Director of its trailer manufacturing arm Montracon Limited. Mark joined the trailer manufacturer at the end of 2014 and brings considerable experience to the Board Room having gained a solid grounding in manufacturing within the construction equipment industry. Mark joins Montracon at an exciting time as the trailer manufacturer has undergone a number of organisational changes in 2014 and experienced one of the busiest years in its trading history proving that Montracon is the trailer manufacturer of choice, building trailers for the road. Working on Montracon’s reputation and heritage, Mark is looking forward to engaging with the Company and the market as he seeks to shape and direct the future growth of the business into 2015 and beyond.

It is early days, but already Mark’s work in progress is taking shape and we look forward to seeing Mark’s manufacturing experience and knowledge of the industry come into play in the weeks and months ahead. Definitely one to watch ….

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