Longcliffe Quarries returns to its roots


Terex Construction, through UK distributor TDL Equipment, has recently supplied the first Terex® rigid haul truck to enter service with Longcliffe Quarries for more than 25 years.

Previously, the company, which extracts high quality limestone from its two quarries in the Derbyshire Peak District, had used R50 trucks but then went on to use 50- and 60-tonne capacity trucks from a rival manufacturer before the purchase of the new truck.

Excellent performance and fuel returns from a demonstration unit led Longcliffe to place an order for the 65-tonne capacity truck.

The Terex rigid truck met all requirements set out by the quarry management. Quarry Manager, Ian McDonald, explains that the operation has a specific requirement for its haul trucks. “We need the truck to be able to run under our front line shovels but also require it to be able to be loaded by our smaller wheeled loaders when moving waste material. Terex was the only manufacturer able to give us a low enough body yet retain the payload requirement.”

Another determining factor was the physical width of the truck. The quarry is bisected by the B5056 with the quarry faces accessed via a narrow tunnel passing under the road. “We needed a truck that could fit through the tunnel and yet again Terex was the only manufacturer that could meet our requirements,” explains Mr McDonald.

As with the rest of the Longcliffe fleet, the TR70 sports the company’s corporate colour scheme. Being painted on the production line at the Terex facility in Newhouse, Scotland, meant the Terex truck was able to be put to work straight away. “The finish on the paintwork is excellent!” commented Mr McDonald “Previous vehicles from other suppliers have had to be stripped down and repainted in our workshops causing delays to getting the vehicle into action. This wasn’t an issue with Terex.”

Along with the special paint scheme, Longcliffe also specified various safety features including a hydraulically folding access step and the TDL360 degree surround camera system, provided by distributor. The revolutionary system provides a bird’s eye view of the truck and its working environment on the in-cab colour screen and eliminates any potential blind-spots around the vehicle. The system utilises four standard cameras mounted to the front, off and near side and one at the rear.

Longcliffe also specified the TR70 with the extended oil change facility offered by TDL. Engine oil and filter life is extended by at least four times resulting in reduced oil usage and disposal cost. Another potential cost saving option has also been fitted to the TR70, the TDL Tyre Monitoring system. Tyres and their maintenance cover a large proportion of the trucks running costs and TDL believes the Tyre Monitor can reduce these costs by monitoring pressures every 15 minutes and alerting the operator should any tyre drop or exceed a certain pressure. Alerts are brought up on the in-cab monitor and scans can also be sent via TDL Telematics to the maintenance teams via email or text message.

Ian McDonald concludes: “We are extremely pleased with both the package and service we have had from Terex and TDL. Our operators are very pleased with the new truck and the fuel returns are looking promising. It meets 100% of our requirements; what more could we ask for?”