K&D Izzard Transport: A Testament to Success and Partnership with HTC DAF

In the vast landscape of HTC DAF customers, K&D Izzard Transport stands out as a shining example of a thriving partnership. Established in 2014, the business took root as a sister company to the Izzard family’s longstanding haulage business, with K&D focusing primarily on the construction sector.


Business Beginnings:

K&D Izzard Transport was born out of a desire to diversify and carve a niche in the construction industry. Established in 2014, the company quickly found its footing and became a reliable force in the transportation of construction materials.


Customer Focus:

Specialising in the delivery of crucial construction materials like bricks, blocks, roof tiles, and sandbags, K&D Izzard Transport plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth progression of building projects. Their dedication to timely and efficient deliveries has solidified their position as a key player in the construction logistics sector.


Choosing DAFs:

When it comes to their choice of trucks, K&D Izzard Transport know they can rely on DAF vehicles. The decision to opt for DAFs is rooted in their reputation for being reliable workhorses. The spacious cabs have made DAF trucks a firm family favourite, ensuring both comfort for the drivers and efficiency in the transportation process.


Services with HTC DAF:

K&D Izzard Transport has extended their partnership with HTC Dunstable DAF beyond just vehicle acquisition. Utilising HTC DAF for vehicle repair and maintenance, they have found a dependable ally in keeping their fleet in optimal condition. Moreover, the company increasingly relies on HTC DAF for parts delivery, taking advantage of the impressive stock that HTC DAF diligently maintains.


Positive Feedback:

Speaking about their experience with The HTC Group, TRP Parts and DAF, K&D Izzard Transport has expressed satisfaction with the prompt and efficient services provided. The partnership has evolved beyond the transactional, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence in the transport industry.


In the ever-expanding network of HTC DAF customers, K&D Izzard Transport serves as a testament to the enduring success and collaborative spirit that defines the relationships forged with valued clients. As HTC DAF continues to champion quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, success stories like K&D Izzard Transport shine brightly in the journey toward excellence.