Foreign truckers set to pay road tolls in UK

Thanks to the HGV road user levy UK hauliers get a fairer deal. Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced as of 1st April, 2014, foreign hauliers will be charged to use UK roads for the first time.

For years UK truck drivers working in Europe have been paying tolls and levies when delivering goods abroad. Whereas foreign trucks operating in the UK have not been required to make a similar payment.

The HGV Road user levy is the introduction of a charge called for by the UK haulage industry and creates a fairer system by removing the perceived inequality UK hauliers have felt.

Patrick McLoughlin said: “The HGV levy will provide a massive boost for the UK haulage industry. It will create a level playing field across Europe, giving UK firms a much better opportunity to win business. This yet another example of how we are taking positive action to back British business and build a stronger, more competitive economy.”

The levy affects all HGV’s of 12 tonnes or more that drive on UK roads, irrespective of country of registration. It consists of a structured series of bands reflecting vehicle type, weight and number of axles. UK operators will pay the levy at the same time as VED in one transaction for administrative ease. To minimise impact on UK hauliers, the government is reducing VED, meaning that more than 9 out of 10 UK vehicles will pay no more than now. Foreign operators must pay the levy before using UK roads.

The levy is just one element of the coalition’s promise of a fairer deal to UK hauliers, other parts include:

Fuel duty on a diesel lower than in October 2012 and no increase in HGV vehicle excise duty
Major road scheme investments of £3.3 billion providing over 500 miles of additional lane capacity.