Discover the Artistry in Transportation: New Generation DAF FA XG+450 Lorries Join Gander & White’s Fleet

Discover the Artistry in Transportation: New Generation DAF FA XG+450 Lorries Join Gander & White’s Fleet

As the curtain rises on one of our latest ventures, the HTC Group, Croydon DAF proudly presents the newest additions to Gander & White’s fleet: the striking New Generation DAF FA XG+450 Low Deck (4×2) 18t insulated & temperature controlled, box, tail-lift lorries. These exceptional vehicles, seamlessly supplied via Novuna Vehicle Solutions, are set to revolutionise the logistics landscape for art transporters, Gander & White.


Gander & White Shipping: A Legacy of Excellence


Step into the world of Gander & White Shipping, a venerable company with an illustrious 85-year history dedicated to the meticulous handling of Fine Arts and Antiques. Founded in 1933 by the visionary Frank White, Gander & White has evolved into one of the foremost shipping and installation firms globally. Their clientele spans Art Dealers, Private Collections, and Museums, relying on the company’s expertise for the secure transportation and installation of precious artworks.


A Journey Through Artistic Excellence


Gander & White has been bestowed with the responsibility of installing art from some of the most significant private collectors and institutions worldwide. Their journey through artistic excellence has established them as a trusted partner for those who seek unparalleled care and discretion in handling precious artworks.


Beyond the Canvas: Temperature-Controlled Precision


Delving into the intriguing facets of logistics, it’s not just consumables that demand special transportation conditions. These newly acquired DAF lorries boast insulation and temperature control features specifically designed to safeguard art during transit. DAF vehicles ensure that the delicate nuances of temperature-sensitive artworks are preserved, reflecting the commitment to the highest standards in transportation.


As we unveil these remarkable vehicles, it’s more than a merger of form and function – it’s a harmonious symphony between cutting-edge logistics and the timeless artistry entrusted to Gander & White. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey, blending precision, technology, and art in every mile travelled.