DAF Trucks reflects on ‘clear daylight’ at the top

Consolidating its position as market leader – the 21st year DAF Trucks has sat atop of the charts

DAF Trucks enters the New Year on the back of an impressive 12-month’s performance, which saw the marque end the year with a commanding 26% of the truck market, hitting its volume objectives by registering 11,467 vehicles and consolidating its position as market leader – the 21st year DAF Trucks has sat atop of the charts.

The news of DAF Trucks’ continued dominance in the UK is set against the more surprising news of an overall market performing well above the expectations of most industry experts, and especially in the above-16-tonnes sectors.

There were 44,063 trucks above 6t GVW registered in 2015, but more than 35,500 of those were above 16t GVW – with a strong three-axle tractor sector and multi-axle rigid sales feeding the buoyant construction market. “With the single exception of the Euro-5 ‘pull-through’ year of 2013,” said DAF Trucks Managing Director, Ray Ashworth, “not since 1988 has the heavy end of market been in such rude health.”

Clear daylight

“With our own forecast slightly skewed by an extraordinary overall market performance,” continued Ray Ashworth, “we have ended the year on a high and maintained clear daylight ahead of our nearest competitors, and, indeed, increased our market share by 1.2 percentage points on 2014. We’re certainly looking good for 2016.” he said.

2015 was also a significant year for DAF Trucks in terms of its customers’ acquisition habits. Over 33% of all new DAF registrations in 2015 were financed through PACCAR Financial, while 43% of all new registrations were supplied with a DAF MultiSupport Repair & Maintenance contract.

What’s next?

Paul Whincup, Sales Director for HTC Group said “It’s hardly surprising we’ve done so well as a franchise, we have the best products, best support, best sales team and a loyal customer base.” He added “It’s looking forward now to increasing our market share for the next 12 months”.

“It’s time we championed this country as the world force in manufacturing for which it has been known traditionally, and for us to be proud of our credentials as a nation competing with the world’s best in the automotive sector.

At Leyland Trucks,” he said, “we have positive proof that a skilled British work-force can produce the very highest quality commercial vehicles – market-leading commercial vehicles, in fact.

The skills on display at Leyland really are ‘Building Britain’; skills I’m sure are making a positive contribution to the truck market and to the wider UK economy.”