DAF Innovation breaks new ground in efficiency.

The all new DAF Predictive Cruise Control being rolled out over the next few weeks is a ground breaking technology returning significant savings on fuel efficiency and will be available to trial at HTC Heathrow in the very near future.

Predictive Cruise Control uses advanced GPS-technology to determine the exact position of the vehicle and to know which driving conditions have to be taken account of over the next 1 to 2 kilometres. In fact, the system ‘looks’ ahead and anticipates slopes and descents. Within the specified range, Predictive Cruise Control determines the ideal speed and Predictive Shifting selects the ideal gear.

The starting point for both technologies is to drive as long as possible in the highest gear possible and consequently in the optimal rpm range. As the vehicle nears the end of a hill climb, the system strives to stay in a higher gear. If a hill climb is immediately followed by a descent, less fuel is injected before the top of the climb, making use of the vehicle mass to ‘push’ the vehicle over the top.

In some cases, Predictive Cruise Control will permit the speed of the vehicle to fall below the set value; for example when the top of a hill has almost been reached and the system ‘knows’ that the potential energy will quickly bring the vehicle back up to the desired level on the descent. Predictive Cruise Control can even temporarily permit a speed that is slightly higher than that set—within predefined tolerances, of course—also with a view to lowering fuel consumption as much as possible.
Thanks to Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by as much as 3%, specifically over hilly routes.