CPC Driver Training

Improve your skills. Whatever you drive.

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is a legal requirement for all professional drivers of large goods vehicles (LGVs) over 3.5 tonnes.
To qualify under these regulations, drivers need to complete 35 hours of CPC Driver training every five years, or risk losing their eligibility to drive professionally.

Having helped more than 12,000 drivers operate their vehicle more safely and economically over the past 30 years – Mercedes-Benz has a proud history of driver training in the UK, and this is carried forward when it comes to helping drivers get their CPC. What’s more there doesn’t need to be a three pointed star on your grille to take advantage of this experience, as the content offered is useful and relevant for drivers of all brands of vehicle.

As an approved CPC Driver Training Associate, Intercounty have a range of JAUPT-approved courses on offer. Committed to delivering value for money by exceeding statutory requirements rather than simply providing an exercise in tick boxing, we deliver both in-cab and classroom based training to ensure that drivers can improve both their practical and theoretical knowledge whilst working towards their CPC.

For all course enquiries please contact our CPC Driver Trainer Noel Marno on 07917 721362 or email